Doing the dishes with old sock, are you kidding? No! With tawashis, it’s possible. A tawashis is a zero waste sponge, made from old tights, socks or leggings cut into strips. Weaving these small strips takes three minutes and makes a perfect shape with a good grip! To make these little wonders, you will have to make your own loom, but it will last you forever! It’s super simple... you’ll go crazy for this DIY!


What do you need:Material

  • A wooden board (minimum 17cm by 17cm)
  • A ruler
  • Pencil
  • 20 flat head nails
  • Hammer
  • Pair of scissors
  • Fabric (old socks, stockings, leggings)


Step 1Board

Making the loom.

On a board, draw a square of 14 cm by 14 cm.

Hammer a nail three centimeters from each corner, then the other nails 2 centimeters apart. 






Step 2Cutting stripes

Cut strips of fabric: 3 cm wide for socks and 10 cm wide for tights.

Pay attention, the diameter of the strips will vary depending on the part you use (calf, thigh, arm, forearm ...).

Try not to mix the sizes too much. You need 10 strips.






Step 35 vertical stripes

Place a first row of 5 vertical strips.








Step 4Wrapping

Wrap the first horizontal strip, passing it ON the 1st vertical strip, UNDER the 2nd, ON the 3rd and so on.







Step 5Wrapping

Weave the second horizontal strip, starting with the first under the 1st, on the 2nd, and so on.

Alternate again for the 3rd horizontal band and continue with the 4th and 5th band.







Step 6Admire your work!

Now enter the 1st ring in the upper right corner.

Spread it between your thumb and forefinger and slide the next ring.

Pull slightly so all the material is compacted.

Repeat for each ring all the way around your future sponge.

Leave the last ring open to use as a handle.




With your loom and this technique, you can now manufacture sponges in minutes that are washable and ecological. You can vary the size and change the fabrics ... For example, I now have a loom to make potholders! Life is magic!